Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) are essential technical reports that examine the potential transportation effects of new or modified land developments. These studies assess the capacity of the existing transportation network and its ability to accommodate the proposed development’s traffic demands. TIS analyzes traffic flows, parking, and pedestrian safety to identify potential problems and recommend mitigation measures.

LIN Consulting, Inc. has a team of technical experts who specialize in TIS. Our team has extensive knowledge of traffic engineering and transportation planning. We use advanced software, including microscopic simulation modeling, to evaluate and predict traffic patterns accurately. This technology enables us to calculate the transportation capacity of intersections, roadways, and highways accurately.

Our team’s experience and expertise allow us to provide valuable recommendations in TIS. We work closely with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs and incorporate them into the final study recommendations. Our TIS reports are thorough, concise, and backed by comprehensive data.

At LIN Consulting, Inc., we offer a full range of TIS services for various development types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Our team can provide guidance and support throughout the entire development process, from planning to design to implementation.

In conclusion, our TIS services aim to identify potential issues early on and provide valuable recommendations for mitigating them. Our team’s technical expertise and innovative software ensure accurate analyses and actionable recommendations that promote safe and efficient transportation infrastructure. LIN Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing clients with high-quality TIS services that align with their vision and goals.

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