Streetscape and landscape lighting design involves the placement of lighting fixtures and their arrangement to enhance the appearance and safety of roads, walkways, and outdoor spaces. The technical aspects include assessing the site’s needs, light intensity requirements, fixture type, color temperature, energy efficiency considerations, and wiring requirements. Proper design provides nighttime visibility, enhances outdoor atmosphere, and reduces crime rates.

At LIN Consulting, Inc., we provide full-scale streetscape and landscape lighting design solutions to create visually appealing, safe, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Our team of experts evaluates the site’s unique requirements and recommends fixtures’ positioning and layouts that highlight its architectural features, minimize light pollution, and reduce ecological impact. We offer energy-efficient solutions such as LED fixtures and timers to minimize energy consumption.

We understand that lighting enhances the overall ambiance of an outdoor space, and our team works with the client to create a customized solution, bringing their vision to life. With our expertise in lighting technology and design, we deliver beautiful and practical lighting solutions for various clients including municipalities, private communities, and commercial properties. Trust LIN Consulting, Inc. to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality lighting design that brings your outdoor space to life.

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