Roadway lighting is an essential part of any road network as it provides visibility and safety to drivers and pedestrians. A well-designed roadway lighting system not only provides adequate illumination coverage but also reduces light pollution and energy consumption. To achieve this, roadway lighting and control design must take into account various factors such as road type, traffic volume, pedestrian activity, and environmental concerns.

At LIN Consulting, Inc., we offer technical and practical expertise in roadway lighting and control design. Our team of experienced engineers, designers, and technicians will work closely with clients to develop and implement efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions that meet their specific needs. We use the latest software tools and industry standards to design lighting systems that maximize light distribution while minimizing light pollution.

Our services for roadway lighting and control design include the creation of photometric plans, selection of lighting fixtures, design of control systems, and assessment of energy efficiency options. Additionally, we offer post-installation services to monitor the performance of the lighting system and make necessary adjustments.

If you need assistance with roadway lighting and control design, contact LIN Consulting, Inc. Our commitment is to consistently deliver quality work that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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