Doran Street Crossing Grade Separation, Glendale, CA

The purpose of the Doran Street and Broadway/Brazil Safety and Access project is to improve safety and mobility while maintaining suitable access to existing businesses and surrounding residential areas. Metro is partnering with the CHSRA and the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), in addition to the City of Glendale and the City of Los Angeles to advance this Project that will enhance the safety and mobility for the area. This project is considering the closure of both the Doran Street and the Brazil/Broadway at-grade crossings with the Metrolink tracks. A multitude of overpass alternatives have been considered that will achieve these closures.

As part of the short-term safety improvements substantial safety and functional upgrades have been constructed for the nearby Broadway/Brazil at grade crossing. The Doran Street crossing will also be retrofitted in the short-term to improve safety, including signal modifications, a new pedestrian crossing, and a modified roadway for one-way (westbound) use only.  LIN Consulting was tasked with the preparation of traffic signal modification plan and pre-emption calculations for the intersection of Doran Street and San Fernando Road. LIN Consulting participated in coordination meetings with California Public Utilities Commission staff and coordinated with City of Glendale and Los Angeles Department of Transportation staff.

Montebello Avenue Grade Separation, Montebello, CA

The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments. (Formerly Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority), in association with the City of Montebello and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) proposes grade separation at the railroad crossing on Montebello Boulevard and installing safety improvements, for enhanced safety at the crossings Maple, Greenwood and Vail Avenues. LCI was responsible for the preparation of the Traffic Study Report, Transportation Management Plan (TMP) Report and PS&E for the traffic and electrical engineering portion of the project.

The traffic study reviewed the proposed Montebello Grade Separation Project and analyzed the impacts of the proposed project on the study area (47 study area intersections and 16 roadway segments) from a traffic engineering point of view and recommend mitigation measures.

The TMP evaluated various strategies that can be implemented before and during construction to provide congestion relief during the construction of the project by managing traffic flow and balancing traffic demand through the project area.

LIN Consulting, Inc. prepared PS&E for signing and striping, traffic signal design, traffic handling and detour and street lighting design. The traffic signal design includes a proposed pre-signal to prevent vehicular traffic from stopping on the railroad tracks and queue cutters to terminate the phasing to avoid vehicles from queueing onto the railroad. Due to the near proximity of the intersection and railroad tracks, special consideration for the phase diagram was necessary to ensure that vehicles could clear the tracks during a railroad pre-emption. Additional attention was required for the proposed median and striping to ensure that truck access was maintained for the adjacent driveways. As part of the at-grade improvements LIN Consulting also developed traffic signal preemption calculations for the intersections of Mines Ave/Vail Ave and Greenwood Ave/Truck Way.

Traffic Signal And Ada Improvements At Temple Avenue & Shilo Inn Dwy.

Traffic Signal and ADA Improvements at Temple Ave. & Shilo Inn Dwy., Pomona

LIN Consulting provided traffic and civil engineering services for a new traffic signal on Temple Avenue at the entrance to the Shilo Inn Business Park. The firm was responsible for the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E), as well as supervising traffic engineering tasks, such as the design of a new traffic signal, traffic signal interconnect, and street improvement plans to provide for ADA access along the sidewalk and across existing driveways. At the City’s direction, potholing to confirm the location of existing, potentially conflicting utilities, was added to the scope of work. A subconsultant was secured and directed to perform the potholing requirements.

7th Standard Road Widening

7th Standard Road Widening, Bakersfield

The 7th Standard Road Widening project widened the roadway from two lanes to four lanes, constructed a separate parallel bridge adjacent to and north of the existing bridge crossing State Route 99, modified on- and off-ramps, and constructed a grade separation for 7th Standard Road over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad at Santa Fe Way.

As a subconsultant, LIN Consulting provided PS&E with roadway lighting, traffic signal, and signing and striping designs.

Pasadena Gold Line Design-build

Pasadena Gold Line Design-build, Pasadena

The Pasadena Gold Line Design-Build Project runs along existing rail right-of-way from Chinatown through Lincoln Heights, Highland Park, South Pasadena, and Pasadena for a length of 14 miles. This project was the first part of the entire 37-mile-long Blue Line Project, which extends to Claremont through the eight communities along the rail right-of-way.

LIN Consulting served as a project traffic engineer and was responsible for the design of roadway lighting, traffic signals, and traffic control plans. Tasks included the design of traffic signal upgrades, signal pre-emptions, various scenarios for street closures, temporary traffic signals, and street lighting at various locations.

Kimball Foothill Improvements

Kimball Foothill Improvements, Ventura

As the prime firm for this contract, LIN Consulting was responsible for developing comprehensive designs for the City, including traffic signal plans, signing and striping plans, and civil/street improvement plans. The firm directed the upgrading of the City’s Type 170E traffic controllers to Type 2070 traffic signal controllers; drafted plans for the proposed changes to intersection striping at Kimball Road and Foothill Road; and prepared a separate Street Improvement Plan that depicted all necessary line work, elevations, and notes for the proposed roadway improvements so that the traffic signal equipment could be properly installed. Signing and striping modifications reflected the change in traffic operation from unsignalized, stop-controlled traffic movements to a signalized condition with accurate crosswalks striping, and pavement delineation.

Otay Ranch Village 11 Elementary School

Otay Ranch Village 11 Elementary School, Chula Vista

LIN Consulting prepared signing and striping plans along Exploration Falls Drive and Windgingwalk Street in conjunction with the construction of the new Enrique S. Camarena Elementary School. In addition, LIN Consulting was asked to identify any traffic and pedestrian circulation issues in anticipation of the school’s opening day. the project included an all-way stop-controlled intersection, an uncontrolled, midblock crosswalk at the entrance for buses, and lighting recommendations. The project included close coordination with the City of Chula Vista and school officials.

I-215 Improvement Project, Segments 1, 2, & 5

I-215 Improvement Project, Segments 1, 2, & 5, San Bernadino

The I-215 Segments 1, 2, and 5 Improvements project was part of a four-segmented project that widened the I-215 between I-10 to I-210 in San Bernardino County. The project realigned and widened the existing I-215 from 6 lanes to 8 lanes with a HOV lane and a Collector-Distributor (C/D) Road system. Existing interchanges, entrances, and exit ramps were reconfigured and reconstructed. This six-mile project was designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve operational problems associated with existing freeway conditions.

LIN Consulting was responsible for the project’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) PS&E. Specific tasks included the design of a temporary freeway fiber optic communication system, installation of new fiber optic communication systems, modification of existing equipment in the fields, hubs, Transportation Management Center (TMC), and the installation of pertinent field equipment, including CMS, CCTV, ramp meters, traffic signals, irrigation controller, and freeway surveillance stations.

Westside Parkway

Westside Parkway, Bakersfield

The proposed Westside Parkway addresses the traffic problems and issues of the metropolitan Bakersfield area. The growing population of west Bakersfield and the lack of east-west arterials in the area make Westside Parkway an important corridor connecting to the Bakersfield Central Business District. Westside Parkway starts as a four-lane divided roadway and expands into an eight-lane divided roadway. The right of way acquired allows it to be expanded ultimately to an eight-lane roadway. As a subconsultant, LIN Consulting is responsible for the design of traffic signals, signal interconnect, and the preparation of transportation management plans (TMP) for various construction segments of the project.