Montebello Avenue Grade Separation, Montebello, CA

The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments. (Formerly Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority), in association with the City of Montebello and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) proposes grade separation at the railroad crossing on Montebello Boulevard and installing safety improvements, for enhanced safety at the crossings Maple, Greenwood and Vail Avenues. LCI was responsible for the preparation of the Traffic Study Report, Transportation Management Plan (TMP) Report and PS&E for the traffic and electrical engineering portion of the project.

The traffic study reviewed the proposed Montebello Grade Separation Project and analyzed the impacts of the proposed project on the study area (47 study area intersections and 16 roadway segments) from a traffic engineering point of view and recommend mitigation measures.

The TMP evaluated various strategies that can be implemented before and during construction to provide congestion relief during the construction of the project by managing traffic flow and balancing traffic demand through the project area.

LIN Consulting, Inc. prepared PS&E for signing and striping, traffic signal design, traffic handling and detour and street lighting design. The traffic signal design includes a proposed pre-signal to prevent vehicular traffic from stopping on the railroad tracks and queue cutters to terminate the phasing to avoid vehicles from queueing onto the railroad. Due to the near proximity of the intersection and railroad tracks, special consideration for the phase diagram was necessary to ensure that vehicles could clear the tracks during a railroad pre-emption. Additional attention was required for the proposed median and striping to ensure that truck access was maintained for the adjacent driveways. As part of the at-grade improvements LIN Consulting also developed traffic signal preemption calculations for the intersections of Mines Ave/Vail Ave and Greenwood Ave/Truck Way.