Kimball Foothill Improvements

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Kimball Foothill_08_550x367
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Ventura, California

As the prime firm for this contract, LIN Consulting was responsible for developing comprehensive designs for the City, including traffic signal plans, signing and striping plans, and civil/street improvement plans. The firm directed the upgrading of the City’s Type 170E traffic controllers to Type 2070 traffic signal controllers; drafted plans for the proposed changes to intersection striping at Kimball Road and Foothill Road; and prepared a separate Street Improvement Plan that depicted all necessary line work, elevations, and notes for the proposed roadway improvements so that the traffic signal equipment could be properly installed. Signing and striping modifications reflected the change in traffic operation from unsignalized, stop-controlled traffic movements to a signalized condition with accurate crosswalks striping, and pavement delineation.

Services Provided:

Traffic Engineering
Civil Enigneering