Exposition Light Rail Design-Build


Los Angeles, California

LIN Consulting, Inc. provided project traffic engineering services for the Mid-City/ Exposition Light Rail Design/Build Project, a nine mile long light rail line connecting eight stations in the City of Los Angeles. The project area ran along the existing railroad right-of-way within Exposition Blvd., connecting the existing Blue Line station in Downtown Los Angeles and the new Washington/Venice Station in the City of Culver City. LIN Consulting designed traffic signals and roadway lighting for various segments along the LRT alignment and prepared over 60 sheets of street lighting design and over 30 sheets of traffic signal design plans. The firm also handled the design of temporary roadway lighting and temporary traffic signal plans at a number of locations; in addition to the design of an LRT priority system, including installation of predictor cabinets, LRT system detection loops, and communications infrastructure.

Services Provided:

Traffic Engineering
Electrical Engineering